Our Story

At WIDE, we looked around at traditional consultants and thought enough! Enough to consultants that solve one problem and create a dozen others. Enough to external dependency rather than fostering internal capability. Enough focus on the quick fixes and short-term gains. It's time for a change.

Our Vision

When a drop of water falls into the surface of a pond, it creates a ripple of waves that reach wider and further than the original spot. It’s a change that spreads naturally and beautifully.

Like that, our vision is:

“To Impact Lives, Businesses, And Communities Positively”.

Our Approach

By focusing on deeply understanding your people, culture and problem we uncover root causes and avoid quick fixes. Since we believe each client and challenge is unique, we design your solution ensuring effectiveness and creativity. Finally, we ensure that we sustain our efforts by transferring knowledge, systems, and accountability so that even though you'll want us back, you won't need us to.

Next Steps...

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