Business Excellence describes an unreachable finish line; even organizations that lead their fields have to continuously race towards progress and improvement. Our services in business Excellence help companies uncover major trends, benchmark within their industry and set business strategies. We also focus on updating the organization on the inside by optimizing processes, implementing change, improving innovation, quality and service.


Through benchmarking we look at comparative markets, products, processes or services and identify best practices along with gaps within your organization. We engage our stakeholders in the process ensuring that it's a true learning experience for everyone.


A solid strategy is the most important contribution of an organization's leadership. The strategy is not just a playbook of what to do, but also what not to do and what to do in different scenarios. It helps manage, measure and make decisions. Our approach blends data with the human element to facilitate the strategy process.

Business Model Development

The Business Model is the story that explains how an organization works to deliver value to its customers. Tools such as market research, value chain analysis, cost structuring and others can be used to develop the business model that creates a sustainable competitive advantage. In today's ever-changing markets, many organizations find that their future depends on business model innovation. What about your organization?

Excellence Assessment

To assess a company's performance, it's not enough to look at the financial statements. Excellent companies build systems and utilize tools that deliver excellence in many aspects: leadership, people engagement, processes, stakeholder management... A comprehensive excellence assessment allows a big picture overview along with a detailed gap analysis.

Change Management

If there's a truth about the world, it is that change inevitable. While change is necessary, it is never easy. At WIDE Impact our expertise in delivering organizational change makes us a valuable trusted adviser. We help you assess the change, plan and implement it, using creative techniques to make sure the change is faster, easier and more effective.

Process Optimization

Processes allow for complicated work to be performed. Unfortunately, many processes end up being complicated themselves. For quality work to be a consistent outcome, and for financial efficiency, simple and effective processes are necessary. As such process optimization is of utmost importance. Our consultants will help you analyze your business processes, streamline them removing redundancies and bottlenecks and ensuring the best outcomes. Principles such as Lean and Six Sigma are often used.

Innovation Management

Organizations that survive and thrive in tomorrow's market are those that invest in innovation management today. Innovation is not a straightforward goal to achieve, at times resources, skills and culture stand in the way. Through our innovation management service, we help clients build an innovation strategy that aligns with the organization's strategy. We also help companies design systems, platforms and projects that deliver impactful innovation.

Service Excellence

As the world becomes more open and the markets more competitive, success boils down to service excellence. Service, however, is intangible and therefore difficult to get right. Our service excellence service starts with a detailed service assessment across platforms. Systems and interventions are then designed to elevate the service level towards excellence.

Have a Business Excellence Challenge?

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