8 Things You Must be Ready to Sacrifice

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By: Dr. Salam Slim Saad

Business Start Up Tips: 8 Things You Must be Ready to Sacrifice

By: Dr. Salam Slim Saad

July, 6, 2022

Last year, I had the opportunity to read “Sacred Economics” by Charles Eisenstein. It’s a book that I would highly recommend to everyone. Basically, it’s about how money is created in society and why it has a detrimental effect on our personal lives and the environment. In one chapter, Eisenstein talks about what he calls the “sacrifices” that we must make in order to succeed in business.

The road to success requires sacrifice. It’s an oft-stated (and oft-misquoted) phrase that many people believe, but some struggle to understand.

 Businesspeople will say it, aspiring entrepreneurs use it as motivation when they’re looking for their big break, and journalists throw it into the conversation to get more readership. But what does “sacrifice” mean in the context of business? Are we talking physical pain here? Effort? Money? Time? All of the above? In truth, yes.

To succeed in business — or other areas — you must do something. Maybe many somethings. However, if you want to really move up the ranks from employee to entrepreneur (or from entrepreneur to business owner), then yes, you must make sacrifices.

It’s one thing to want success. It’s another to go the distance and make it happen. When you’re running a business, you must become ready to make sacrifices once and for all. 

No business is built on the “idea” piece alone. In fact, there’s even a popular quote that’s been floating around since…well…forever: Business ideas are easy. What’s hard is execution.

If you’re thinking about starting a business, it can be tempting to think that being an entrepreneur is all about the bonuses: Work when I want. Take unlimited vacation!  Money, Money, Money!

This can cause you to ignore the common sacrifices that people need to make to succeed in business. While everyone’s sacrifice will be different — and there can be huge differences from one industry to another — there are some common sacrifices that many people make. 

Here, we’ll look at some of these general sacrifices made by people who successfully start their own businesses:

  1. Give up “normal” jobs.
  2. Give Up their Personal Time
  3. Sacrificing time with family and friends, they don’t see their friends or family as often as they used to — sometimes for months or years at a time.
  4. Sacrificing time for your hobbies, interests, and education.
  5. They work long hours at their new business, sometimes well into the night (or early morning) and on weekends, which means sacrificing sleep as well as Sacrificing a consistent bedtime schedule and sleeping in on the weekends.
  6. They often work long hours without pay just so they can get their businesses off the ground and running smoothly before they can afford to hire employees or pay themselves anything at all!
  7. They make financial sacrifices when they’re starting out because they don’t have access to capital right away — especially if they’re working full-time jobs while trying to get along.
  8. They scarify physical discomfort for long periods of time. they often have to be on their feet all day, which can lead to foot pain and fatigue in their legs and back.

Successful people sacrifice a lot of things, but they don’t sacrifice their integrity or their values. 

They sacrifice time with family and friends, but they never sacrifice their commitments and responsibilities. 

They have to make hard choices every day, but those choices are always about making the right decision for their business and for themselves.

They may give up some things they love doing, but they never give up on themselves or their dreams. 

They may have to sacrifice relationships in order to succeed., but they never lose sight of who they want to be — because they know that if they lose sight of that vision, then what’s the point?

They may have to give up some of their personal time, but they can still find ways to relax.

Sometimes, they must sacrifice certain things to achieve their goals.

I am a former entrepreneur who started two businesses. I also took a lot of risks along the way. In fact, when I first started my first business, no one thought it would work out because it was so different from what we were used to doing at the time. But I stuck with it and eventually became successful because I was willing to make sacrifices and risk negative consequences for myself and others in order for my company to grow.

If you’re looking for a way to make your business succeed, then you may be wondering: “Is it worth sacrificing my life?”

I think so.

While it’s true that the path to success won’t be easy, I believe that it’s worth it.

If you are thinking about starting your own business or if you already have one but aren’t seeing results yet, keep this in mind: sacrifice is necessary for success!

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