Happiness at Work: How to Be Happy at Work

Wide Impact

By: Doaa Gamal

Some employers do the best things to make their employees happy; despite this, you still find unhappy employees! Why do you think this happen? The answer lies in our differences. What makes you happy, may or may not make me happy. I believe that one of our rights towards ourselves is to seek our happiness wherever we are.  

So now let me ask you a question: “What makes you happy at work?”

A key way to know the answer is to think about why do you actually work. Some of us work for the money, others work for the social recognition, others for the value they present, and many more reasons can be added. Now, I want you to pause for a while and truly think about your own motives … 

Now, ask yourself does your current work enable you to achieve such motives? If yes, lucky you. If not, think about the possible scenarios that can make you come closer to your reasons. It is also a good idea to transparently discuss such scenarios with your employer. 

Working more than you should isn’t good for your happiness. It leads to mental & physical burnout. If you are used of doing this, you should immediately stop for your own sake. But to be able to stop, you need first to know the reasons. Have the moment alone to ask yourself, why do I work more than I should? Do you have pop up tasks? Do you have continuous workload? Do you have pressure from your boss? When you know the reasons, immediately start to think about solutions. For example, learn to manage your time, set your plans, write to-do-lists, set your boundaries, learn to say “No”, and most importantly learn to raise and discuss solutions with your employer. 

For your happiness, make your workplace a good place that your soul wishes to visit every day. Make it a place full of energy. But how can you do this? For example, bring your favorite items to your office space, make it organized and cheerful, socialize with your co-workers, wear your best outfits to work, and it is always good to have fun at work from time to time.

To be happy at work, it is also important to be happy at your non-work life. When you are happy at your non-work life, your overall mood becomes better leading you to bring such mood to your work. It is important to take care of your physical health, socialize with your loved ones, have fun, and many other things. However, life is not always utopian. Sometimes challenges arise. At such cases, you should be aware that life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes it is okay to accept its downs. However, it is always important to get your good mood back.  Try to understand your own emotions, try to surround yourselves with the people you love, and try to do the things that you enjoy the most.

Finally, I would like to end with saying that no workplace is a perfect workplace for everyone, and no one reason can make everybody happy, but we, as employees, can make our workplace the perfect fit for us by selecting our choices and seeking the solutions that make us happy. 

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