As the field of training and consulting has exponentially expanded, a dark side has emerged. “Old-School Consultants” create a vicious cycle that traps clients in their curse.
With consultants working primarily in a project-based environment, many consulting teams remain outsiders to the business without understanding the people, history or culture. This leads to superficial quick-fixes that don’t address the root causes and don’t lead to measurable outcomes. Furthermore, many consultants copy-paste solutions from one client to another killing possible ideas and depriving them of potential innovation. Finally, the quick-fix approach causes more problems to emerge in the future and if knowledge transfer or capacity building was not conducted, a consultant is needed again.
Wide started with a group of consultants and trainers who looked around and thought enough! Enough to consultants that solve one problem and create a dozen others. Enough to external dependency over fostering internal capability. Enough focus on the quick fixes
and short-term gains. It’s time for a change.
By focusing on deeply understanding your people, culture and problem we uncover root causes and avoid quick fixes. Since we believe each client and challenge is unique, we design your solution ensuring effectiveness and creativity. Finally, we ensure that we sustain our efforts by transferring knowledge, systems, and
accountability so that even though you’ll want us back, you won’t
need us.