Adult Student, Mother & Employee: 5 things I’ve Learned Working Full-Time & Going To college

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Wide Impact
By: Doaa Gamal

I am a mother to a two years old kid, an instructional designer, a job which continuously needs huge mental effort, and a PhD student, where I have to attend courses and write my thesis. 

Being a student is a challenging thing, but being an adult student with more responsibilities at life is even more challenging. However, it made me discover 5 things, which I like to share with you. 

1. We master managing our time

If you are an adult student, most probably you will be a master time manager. With so many to do tasks, from work, to parenting, to studying, you have no option except to set a very well prepared time plan. By time, you discover that you have been able to shuffle and balance between so many responsibilities. You get surprised by how much you can handle compared to the past. But, always remember to have some stress free time for yourself. 

2. We become wiser 

With our life experiences, we become wiser. We don’t take every lesson taught for granted. Also, you will discover that you will not agree with all professor’s point of views. We critically think about the origins of the content, the background of the professor, the real causes, and we reflect to our life experiences. However, it is always important to be open to different point of views and continuously learn from your peers.

3. We discover ourselves 

Being a student lets you try new things, meet new people, do challenging tasks. All of these things let you discover new aspects of your capabilities and personality. You get surprised with new interests you have. At some point of your adult life, you think that you know yourself very well. However, going back to the classroom surprises you with your hidden potentials and forgotten interests. Here, the most important thing is to take your discoveries to a next step. 

4. We take things easy 

Studying is not our first priority anymore. We have a lot of other responsibilities to take care of. So when it comes to exams and studying, we take things easier than before. At the past, when we were younger and had exams, our parents used to prepare the best environment for us to focus. But now, guess what, we are the parents! Preparing for an exam might come at your last priority in your busy days. By this, at least for me, I learnt to take things easier. But as an advice, don’t hesitate to seek help and assistance from others when you need it. 

5. We enjoy 

Although being an adult student is really challenging, but we really enjoy! Usually, when we get older, learning become a choice rather than a must. Simply, we enjoy our choices. We enjoy the process, we enjoy the company, and the most important thing; we enjoy the results. 

Finally, learning is a life long journey that never ends. You need not to be enrolled to a certain program to be a student. However, all what you need is just the intention to be a student to life and be open to continuously learn and discover your potentials.

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